2-8th November is British Sausage Week 2015!

The biggest pork sausage celebration of the year gets under-way from 2-8 November 2015, as the nation goes sizzling mad for British Sausage Week 2015!

Do we really need a week dedicated to something the country is already obsessed with? I guess it can't hurt.

This year it's a 'Sausages of Distinction' theme bringing a touch of class to proceedings, and highlighting all the culinary creativeness to be found in championing these mainstays of British tradition.

Now in its 18th year, renowned chef Michel Roux Jnr is leading the way in celebrating the highest quality pork sausages from around the country. The Michelin starred chef is a true sausage aficionado and is delighted to be involved, he comments:

“I have always enjoyed experimenting with classic dishes and ingredients, without compromising on quality – with sausages you can do so much. It’s time to rethink the humble banger and look beyond mash and gravy to give sausages a bit of the Michelin-star treatment!”

With gourmet versions of everyday foods becoming increasingly popular, this year’s seven-day sausage festival will focus on sausages made lovingly using high quality ingredients such as assured pork.

Got a great sausage story or recipe? Let me know! @smokebark