5 of the worst recipes ever invented?

New books, new recipe ideas, interesting twists on some favourite classics. There are many wonderful things to come from these paper based tomes of wisdom... but then again some are far less wisdom-full and more stomach-churningly vile. You decide - can you beat these for the worst ever?

1. Tuna and Jelly Pie

Perhaps this is a 1956 version of dinner and dessert combo deal? This is one I'm never going to try.


2. Ham and Bananas Hollandaise

I'm a big fan of ham, and of bananas, and indeed of hollandaise sauce. But combining them was never really something I'd considered. Grab the recipe here


 3. Perfection Salad

Last time I had a salad, I certainly didn't think "you know what, there really isn't enough jelly in this." Continuing the jelly theme which the vintage years of culinary exploration seemed obsessed with, this salad really pushes the boundaries of acceptable. Recipe here



 4. Frozen Cheese Salad

Again with the salad theme, only this time we're going for a super healthy weight watchers classic. Because a massive block of cheese this size won't ALWAYS give you a heart attack...

If you dare, recipe here



 5. Banana Candle

Certainly liable to impress the ladies, this rather over enthusiastic fountain of vintage expressionism is one for after the kids have gone to bed. Apparently making creative use of 'chef's mayo', offering round your cherry after 8pm is the new "ooh matron!"

It gets some rave reviews on amazon...


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