The BBQ Book by DJ BBQ

DJ BBQ now officially a legend in print.

Christian Stevenson, aka DJ BBQ has been rising on the scene over the last few years, his popularity has grown via being a DJ, TV presenting, Jamie's Food Tube , and now has a great book out full of all kinds of fun tasty food.

Of course, he's most well known from his fantastic enthusiasm for barbecue. This love of outdoor cooking came from his father, who taught Christian the skills, techniques and recipes that he shares with his YouTube audience today. Handily the book even comes with cooking technique tips like the Slope, Half&Half, Heat Canyon and Lonely Island - great ideas and certainly helpful for making all sorts of different ovens/grills etc. Low and slow is king in this book which we love.

We're loving the photography in this book too, seems that after 15 years of publishing, Jamie and the team really know how to put a book together. (check the story of Jamie's latest creation 'Jamie's Comfort Food' here)


His book, rather lengthily titled 'Jamie Oliver's FoodTube presents The BBQ Book by DJ BBQ' really is a collection of mouthwatering recipes for those who love cooking low and slow, but want to add some other recipes than brisket to their repertoire. Now, I'm not sure there really is life after brisket, but for the purposes of research I dived in - and boy am I glad I did!

It may be getting on for winter very soon, but the sun is still shining here in London so we're not gonna get put off in planning a bunch of these ideas for the upcoming weeks, especially like the IOWA flank skirt steak, 'RADONKULOUS' beef ribs, and Chilli con CARNAGE. (With such wonderful names who could resist!)

Certainly worth a buy, and at less than £6 it's well worth bagging a copy. (Amazon)