Bedlam Brewery brings bottled music for your taste buds

As Bedlam Brewery releases a new Pilsner into the wild, I took the opportunity to see how it stacks up against its bubbly brethren, and set them all to music.

When I heard Bedlam had a new beer out, and was invited to review it and its team-mates, I couldn't wait to find out how they all stacked up against each other.
Interesting timing for a pilsner launch: for me it's hardly a winter drink, but I'm never one to turn down free beer and thought best to try it before casting a vote.

Chatting to their new German brewer Fabio Israel, he's quite possibly the most on-the-ball and passionate brewer I've ever met (and they are all an excitable bunch). Fabio left London Fields brewery in the summer and learned his trade at Bavarian beer giant Warsteiner. The brewery at Albourne Farm Estate at the foot of the South Downs is only 10 minutes from Brighton, they grow all their own hops and even use solar power too! What's more the local farmers use the spent hops to feed their cattle - sounds like a win win!

For me drinking is all about the occasion, and with beer more often than not there's music involved. Here's my review of the beers, with music which fits the mood of each one, look at the beer and click play - you'll get the idea of what it tastes like.


Regardless of your love or hate of marmite, you'll love the manly maltyness I found in this beer. I like the depth of flavour alongside the sweetness. It's not over-hopped and is very quaffable indeed.

The sweet and bitter malts go particularly well with the sweet vocals of Guy Valarino blending with J Gusto's MCing.

Bedlam Porter

Porters are a beer that should be concentrated on; the flavours are strong but the balance is very particular. This one is has malty chocolate and fruity flavours which I really liked.

Perfect to sit back and enjoy the dark mystery and epic smooth-as-silk tones of Canadian indie pop songwriter Feist.

Golden Ale

Ah the summer. Do you remember it? Each spring the Golden Ales come out to play, so this one reminds me of the start of festival season. These American hops gave it a bold refreshing barley taste.

Now performing as Water Tower, The Water Tower Bucket Boys recorded this song a while back, and stunned me into laughter with their catchy bluegrass Energy. Click play, and wait till 44 seconds in.


If ales aren't your thing, then this citrus a decent hoppy session pilsner definitely could be. Reminds me of dancing around beer gardens coupled with a bratwurst or two (or three.)

So the obvious choice would be some fresh German dance. Which is exactly what we have here, courtesy of Astronaut.

India Pale Ale

I do like IPAs, unfussy and not trying to be anything that complicated, but sometimes simplicity itself takes pride of place, which made this one a rather good beer.

The origins of the now popular style 'India Pale Ale' are clouded in mystery. Intrigue is also invoked listening to the capturing Sheila Chandra, whilst her melodies captivate my mind I seem totally unable to pause or skip the track.

For your own adventure to Flavourtown, ask your local bar staff in London and Brighton, or check out their stockists on their website: