The best beers to pair with your St. Patrick’s Day feasts

If you’re looking for a pint of something a bit different this St Patrick’s Day, here are three of Meantime’s Brewmaster Ciaran Giblin’s favourite stouts for you to choose from, all of which go perfectly with classic Irish food.

The beer: Meantime London Stout

“Derived from the original Stout Porters of the early 19th Century; its blend of dark malts and London water provides a level of rich, silky complexity that evolves and changes on the palette. The beer’s deep and bitter malt flavours are underpinned by a gentle sweetness that will make you want to come back for more.”

The dish to pair it with: Traditional Irish Stew
“The velvety mouthfeel, with its rich and complex palate of caramel, molasses and nut-roast, gives way to a malt-bitter dryness making this the perfect partner to a classic rich stew with all the trimmings (think meat, stock and plenty of vegetables). Meantime’s London Stout is a great accompaniment to this traditional dinner and with a relatively low ABV (4.5%), it will keep you on an even keel throughout the day’s festivities.”
Where to find it: (12x 500ml bottles, £22.00)

The Beer: Dark Side by Bath Ales

“This beer has a wonderful roasted barley aroma with a deep, dark colour and a smooth, dry finish; it’s got all the qualities of a classic stout.”

The dish to pair it with: Soda Bread Pudding
“This delicious and unashamedly British brew has been created with careful flair and lots of love. Complementing the subtle flavours of soda bread, its roasted barley aromas and deep malty flavours are ideal to bring any traditional Irish dessert to life. The beer’s complex bitterness perfectly balances the sweetness of this take on a classic bread and butter pudding, to create the perfect match.”
Where to find it: (12 x 500ml bottles, £24.50)

The Beer: Magic Rock Dark Arts Surreal Stout

“A punchy and wildly expressive brew, this 6% ABV stout is packed full of flavours from dark malts, with complex bitterness and deep liquorice notes coming through. This beer packs a big punch so isn’t for the faint hearted, and its big flavours match the equally big flavours found in hearty Irish food.”

The dish to pair it with: Bacon and cabbage
“Bacon and cabbage is an Irish favourite – wholesome, traditional and simply delicious, especially when made with lots of butter and good quality free range bacon. The rich, pitch-black indulgence of Dark Arts Surreal Stout contrasts with the smoky flavours of the bacon to create a real feast for the senses.”
Where to find it: (12 x 330ml cans, £29.40)