The Black Penny serves more than great coffee to Covent Garden

The Black Penny is a brand new coffee house located on Great Queen Street in Covent Garden, providing a dedicated space for dining, drinking and debate in the centre of the capital.


Do try to remember this is a coffee shop right - only with so much more going on!

Bridging the gap between fast food and gourmet gastronomy, The Black Penny offers Londoners refined but casual dining, freshly roast coffee and speedy take away at the busiest times of the day. The venue is split across two floors, with service and seating on the entry level and the Seminar Pit below. Carrying the torch for heated debate and daring creativity, this room will host spoken word poets, lectures on the weird and wonderful and events to inspire, educate and entertain.

The Black Penny is inspired by the coffee houses of 17th Century England, named “Penny Universities” after the education they would imbibe to visiting customers. A penny would purchase a cup of coffee and admission to the venue, which also served as a centre of intelligent discussion on all matters from politics to poetry. During the day, The Black Penny will serve an ever-changing daily menu of breakfast items and British influenced seasonal food, focused on flavour, quality and made with the best ingredients fresh from the market that morning.

Coffee is integral to The Black Penny concept and it works with leading coffee roasters Alchemy to utilise the highest quality beans. Using traditional methods, this innovative approach means their dark beans are tempered with distinctive flavours and textures that make for a unique taste experience.




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