My Comté Cheese adventure

Comté's story is well known. But I didn't know this single region cheese also came in different ages.

Hailing from the well tended and lovingly revered fields of Franche-Comté, when the opportunity was afforded to me to try the various ages of this popular cheese I jumped at the chance. Here are some of the ideas I had, trying to think outside the norm, and would love to hear your thoughts on twitter. Obviously extolling the virtues of cheese is pretty easy, especially Comté, but I thought I'd give it a go, and perhaps suggest some new ways to add it into mealtimes.

The photo above, is a Risotto Bianco with the younger Comté, certainly a spring-time favourite and was popular with diners. Asparagus is in season so jump at the chance to combine the two.

Comté is easiest to grate from the fridge, and the older the better for grating finely.


Starting off with breakfast, poached egg and avocado never had it so good! Just be sure to make sure your eggs are fresh, and free range!


This cheese sauce I made is no ordinary thing! A silky roux made with onion, chicken stock, sherry and comte, steeped with rosemary it's the perfect accompaniment to crispy polenta chicken.


For the chicken, insist of free range, you owe it to yourself and the chickens! Remember the chicken continues to cook once resting, so take it out just before you think it's ready, and it'll be as juicy as the photo below!


The king of mac-n-cheeses, this one is chilled, then sliced and fried (again, with polenta) to give a fabulous crust and a departure from the norm. Tricky to serve but totally worth while the effort. Comté added a heady aroma to the mix and it'll be on my list for next time for sure.


If you're not feeling up to cooking, the most aged cheeses go well with a fresh warm french stick, and some charcuterie.


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