Craziest office lunches from around the world!

There's some pretty crazy things to eat in the offices of the world, we give you the 3 craziest and one you'd not expect!

We've all befallen the curry challenge or hot-wings which most dare devils relish in chowing down and showing off to their mates how manly they are.. well India at lunch time does this and more with ease. Chicken 65 - Quite a popular dish in Mumbai, nothing can prepare you for the beautiful torture which is about to befall the un-weary eater. Watch out for more heat than 1000 volcanoes!

BANH MY: literally translating to "bread", banh my sandwiches can vary greatly depending on how the vendor prefers to prepare them. This one, for example, is more of a bite size snack than the larger ones made with baguettes that I'm accustomed to. What is this, banh my for ants?

Bread, orange slice, egg drop soup, pork and cashew stir fry...and cocoa beans??
Yep, those brown things on the right side of the middle plate are soy beans (daizu) that have been deep fried, and then coated with cocoa powder and sugar.

Sad Desk Lunch
While not crazy, you'd have to be crazy to choose it; this perhaps takes the prize for the saddest desk lunch ever, I mean look at it - it's appalling.

Special thanks to and good luck at SXSW Kira!