Cru Kafe team with Lavolio for a mocha, just in time for Mother's Day gifting

Cru Kafe have teamed up with Lavolio to bring Mocha to our kitchens.

I've become rather fond of my CRU pods, Soil Association approved tasty coffee and a big F U to Nespresso's bad quality coffee brand. So I'm looking forward to trying their latest offering.


Coffee and chocolate have always gone hand-in-hand, but here at CRU we're taking it to the next level. We've partnered with Lavolio, a fantastic London Confectioner who specialise in creating handmade, boutique sweets to bring you the perfect indulgent Mocha. Specially developed alongside our Intense blend, the cocoa powder help creates a perfect grounding for the mocha, whilst the the marshmallows, encased in belgian milk chocolate, bring a sweetness that sets off the entire cup.


The set includes:
• 2 packs of CRU Intense Coffee
• 1 Tin of Lavolio Chocolate Marshmallows
• 1 Tin of Lavolio Cocoa Powder
• 1 Mocha Recipe Card
Enough for 6 Indulgent Mochas

Grab em from their site here

*this is not an advert