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Deep Fried everything at BoxPark this Easter

There's something a little different this Easter @BOXPARK.

Ah Easter, such an important date in our year, but not one usually noted for it's culinary prowess (other than an over indulgence in chocolate)

Culinary renegades ‘messhead’ are offering a totally unique eating experience this easter on the green, where every single item on sale will be deep fried. Inspired by the iconic Die Hard, expect tied up easter bunnies and blood splattered not pastel coloured eggs.


Opening on Thursday 2nd April at 11:00am – with lots of special offers on Good Fry-Day (Friday 3rd April) – Messhead have selected over 100 different items to deep fry, both sweet & savory with the menu changing daily.

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Their experiments so far have included deep frying cheese-strings, deep fried buttered crumpet, cheese filled hot cross buns and Tunnock’s Caramel. It’s a given that classics such as crème eggs and other popular confectionary will also included. On Easter Sunday a fully fried Easter will be offered consisting of a whole fried lamb joint, roast potatoes, rosemary, carrots and sprouts, serving 6 this will need to be booked in advance.

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Suggestions can also be made on Twitter to @ldnmesschef and @miss_cakehead. Items already suggested includ a deep fried hot salt beef bagel, an entire pizza, deep dried donner kebab, haggis, chocolate croissant, bacon brownies, gummy bears and deep fried jaffa cakes.

Prices start at just £1 and additional toppings such as whipped cream, hot chocolate sauce, salted caramel and truffle honey will be available for additional charge.

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Yes, you saw that right, it's frikkin deep fried cake!