Hopsta La Vista and Shagging Rabbits debut in amazing beer TV ad.

Hopsta La Vista and Shagging Rabbits debut in amazing beer TV ad.

The guys over a Longslice brewery have made what for all I can make out, a rather odd, but rather effective TV advert, and includes shagging bunnies. Like I said, odd - but now I wanna try a Hopsta la Vista.

The advert includes them playing cards, with a hand I'd LOVE (my brother always wins) and some rather special fanmail.

In their words: Hopsta La Vista is one of those full-throttle brews that reminds you to turn down the lights, turn up the tunes, and have a good time! This hybrid IPA is perfectly balanced
with the rich, malty backbone of an English IPA and the fruity American hops of a North American IPA. Kicking off its journey on your palate with the sweet notes of honey, malted rye, chocolate, and papaya, it leaves you with a bitter finish reminiscent of grapefruit and orange zest. Medium bodied and creamy in texture, Hopsta La Vista invites you to sit back, sip large and treat yourself to a world of flavour.

Originally concocted by Longslice co-founder and beer lover Jimmy Peat as a homebrew recipe for the 2013 Toronto Beer Week Homebrew Competition, Hopsta La Vista took home the Silver medal. Hopsta La Vista is proud to be Longslice’s first official craft brew, and will soon be available for at-home consumption in sexy tall cans.


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