Jamie's Comfort Food

"Comfort food is about heart and soul and emotion" - Jamie explains what excites him, great flavours he remembers from his childhood and ideas that make him happy.

Jamie's been on the forefront of 15 minute and 30 minute easy and quick meals for a while now, but his new book is the polar opposite showcasing stunning but perhaps slightly more complex ideas than he's been most recently known for. Tempered with a note on following up the day after with a healthy meal, these culinary creations are designed to do just one thing - EXCITE!

Chatting with James, the designer of his new book 'Jamie's Comfort Food' the layout's full attention has been paid to not just the recipes, but the stories behind them and wonderful double page spread photos. They spent ages on making sure the typography was right, and the seems to have hit the creative nail on the head by dedicating 4 pages to beans on toast!

A lover of salt and pepper squid? It's certainly a favourite here at Smokebark towers, our local takeaway should be scared as I'm gonna try the recipe out asap!

"Cheers, Enjoy and cook some great food!" - Jamie Oliver

It's a beauty to behold and well worth a gander at. You can buy it many places including Amazon.

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