NEWS: Roberto Costa's Macellaio RC brings Italian flair to Union Street

Macellaio RC has opened its third restaurant, this time bringing great Italian steak and tuna to Union Street


According to founder Roberto Costa’s ethos, the authentic Italian ingredients will take centre stage, and the restaurant also introduces two exciting new concepts: a theatrical in-house butchery and a traditional Ligurian bakery.


All beef is dry-aged on site, dramatically hung behind glass, and a stunning white marble butcher’s block is framed by dramatic curtains, where experienced butchers and chefs will prepare steaks, carpaccios, tartares, and cured meats in front of guests. The restaurant is also the first from Roberto to feature his take on a Ligurian bakery, where all dough is be produced on site using just water, natural yeasts, and the highest quality Italian flour.


For more info click here:
Arch 24, 229 Union Street, London
07467 307 682