Marijuana chocolate has arrived in California

Surf's up dudes, grab some medicinal marijuana chocolate and hit the beach.

Kiva, the company behind this mind altering medicinal alternative sell 6 different chocolate bars, chocolate coffee beans and grab bags of chocolate to share. With Vanilla, Blackberry, Mint Irish Cream, Tangerine, Milk and Dark flavours there is one to suit everyone though you've got to venture into the pharmacy to purchase it.


We're not sure it's very wise making it quite so appealing to kids, but certainly the removal of tobacco makes it safer. In fact, safety is top on the agenda for this California company who state their idea was born out of a need to rid the market of inconsistent, untested and unlabelled cannabis.

Apparently you can't buy it unless you're a patient so you're gonna need your doctors signoff, but worryingly I can't see that being too hard to get. Widely known as a gateway drug, marijuana this easy is a difficult mix of benefit vs glamorisation which to be fair to say we're a tad worried about.

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More info on their site here