New restaurant Shikumen dishes up a winner for Shepherds Bush

Shikumen has taken a wise approach opening inside the fantastic Dorsett Hotel, providing a superb high quality option for the centre of Shepherds Bush at a price worthy of repeated visits.

Nestled alongside the O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, new Chinese restaurant Shikumen is proving that W12 is growing in both popularity and maturity. Long known for the massive Westfield shopping mecca, visitors are venturing out and seeking other interesting local places to visit. It’s no surprise to see BrewDog making a massive success of the area 50 yards away, having been open for a year, their heart is still busy and beating.

Having spent a great amount of time travelling to every corner of the globe, it's easy to see how the wonders of the orient attract love and enthusiasm from all, but so often it’s frustratingly difficult to get a really proper Chinese meal. That said, I venture that many of us would actually prefer a combination of our tried and tested Anglicised Chinese favourites, with some inspired touches of the ‘real thing’ we’re all so desperately searching for. It’s this popular mix that Shikumen hits squarely and confidently on the head.
In classy modern Chinese surroundings, Shikumen’s menu takes each diner through ‘Legendary Roasted Peking Duck’, which blows every other shredded duck out of the water. Juicy slices of mouth-watering and slow roasted duck are presented in two servings. Firstly you get sliced duck with homemade pancakes, hoisin sauce, shredded spring onion and cucumber. Particular attention should be made to the word homemade; so often overlooked, these hand crafted delicacies are like no other pancake I’d ever had. A texture and flavour to rival one’s dreams, the skill with which they are brought to life with the fillings will make you wish you’d found Shikumen sooner. The second serving is the remaining duck served with a selection of rice, fried noodles or rice vermicelli. A great idea and a sure-fire way to make sure nothing is wasted, and you get all the duck you can handle.
Lobster and jumbo scallops also make their way into this impressive menu, making it hard to even move past the first page, but rest assured it’s worthwhile, with soft shell crab, seabass with pine mushroom soup, and salted smoked Haka style corn fed chicken waiting for you to discover them further down. I’ve put a link to the menu below, so you can get planning your culinary journey too!
And then there’s the Dim Sum. The effort Shikumen puts into their Dim Sum is nothing short of spectacular. At a price that most will find appealing, their selections are varied and exciting. Congee is a particular favourite of mine, knowing it’s one of the one things I struggle to make at home.

Coupled with a friendly bar and wide selection of drinks, Shikumen is making sure it’s name is well founded in quality, whilst keeping the prices at a level which makes it accessible for both the hotel clientele, and interested passers-by. We shall be returning again and look forward to seeing this restaurant take hold as a mainstay of Shephards Bush. Shikumen is destined for long-lived success if it keeps up this high level of excellence.Gallery-Dim-Sum-4

Just when you thought it was all over, desserts will make you think twice about passing up the menu - Green tea crème brûlée rounds of the whole meal with class and unassuming skill. Go for it - indulge, you'll be glad you did!
green tea dessert
Shikumen Shepherd's Bush is located on the ground floor of the 4 star Dorsett Hotel in Shepherd's Bush, West London. They also have a location in Ealing, at the Xanadu Hotel on Bond Street.

Shikumen Shepherd's Bush
Dorsett Hotel
58 Shepherd's Bush Green
W12 8QE
Telephone: 020 8749 9978