News: Fjord Trout showcase at Bird of Smithfield

Lerøy Fjord Trout (Onocorhynchus mykiss) is an exclusive redfish and is the name given to aquaculture raised trout from Norway.

Fed from the cold, clear waters of the Folgefonni glacier, the Norwegian Rafjorden, Sørfjorden and Osterfjorden fjords hold the key to this new and exciting fish. (yes really, it IS possible to get excited about a new fish...) Lerøy Fjord Trout are the combination of extensive work by The Norwegian Seafood Council and hatchery experts to ensure an exemplary welfare standard and fantastic flavour.

Here's Fredrik Hald speaking with such joy and enthusiasm about the fish he loves so much - it was interesting to try it and taste it raw, and with with a great explanation of the rich flavours and complete lack of metallic taste (which can when the fish is stressed). The trout we tasted had touches of many flavours - avocado, potato and also a richness which is key to this delicate fish.

What's great is that with all the work being put into the fish, the world's top chefs are really getting behind it and the quality is coming through in some of their dishes, which I tasted recently - check them out below!

Being raised in glacier water in the Sundal hatchery in Hardanger, after a year the trout are put into water in deep fjords in Western Norway. There's lots of room to enjoy swimming about, with with 98% water and 2 % fish in every net. After another year or two these premium red fish are ready for harvest.

Lerøy Fjord Trout is becoming especially popular among top chefs at restaurants and hotels;  it was chosen as raw material for the chef competition Bocuse d’Or in Lyon, France.

They even have their own show reel! - Click for video

Here are some of the creations by the event's chefs - certainly a great showcase for this ingredient.

Alan Bird: Home-cured trout with beetroot salad. Fabulous flavour and the salad complimented beautifully with the help of a lemon mousse.

Fredrik Hald: Lightly smoked trout with capin, salmon and chives, crème fraiche on rye bread. Great bite size morsels of flavour.

Adam Smith: Smoked Fjord Trout and beetroot macaroon with trout roe. These certainly packed a punch, great if you like beetroot!

Adam Smith: Miso cured Fjord Trout with dill créme fraiche and crab. Great combo and classic nordic tastes.

Perhaps one of the most picturesque dishes on offer with trout and quails egg, and I can't remember who's it was! Please let me know! @smokebark

Laurence Tottingham: Dill cured Fjord Trout, pickled cucumber, rye and Geitost (an amazing brown cheese!)

Laurence Tottingham: Smoked Fjord Trout, kedgeree spice, quails egg & wild rice crumb. EPIC. I could have eaten these all day. In fact I think I may have accidental had 3 of these little beauts!

Fredrik Hald: Fjord Trout with soya mayonnaise and red onions. Great combo of tastes here, certainly one to try.

The great chefs, Fredrik Hald, Alan Bird, Laurence Tottingham and Adam Smith.

Looking for some? Why not go ask Alan Bird himself, he's the man in the know, and with his great knowledge of ingredients (and a bloomin awesome oven smoker) you might just be in luck.

Thanks to The Caterer for organising a great morning learning about this fabulous ingredient - it's certainly one to watch and I hope more and more people get the opportunity to taste this fantastic fish!

If you're interested in traceability (which you should be!) then you can see just how much effort they put into making sure that's possible. Click here Go Lerøy!