Product: Polish Bakery breads and cakes

Polish Bakery

The lovely folk at The Polish Bakery kindly sent me some samples of their work so I could show you exactly what they're like, and some ideas of how to use them. Well I'm no one for saying no to great food so I happily accepted. All opinions are my own and I was not paid for this review (just so ya know.. ya know?!)

There's also some great photos of my favourite breakfasts (some of which were helped along with the PB bread). Breakfasts are entirely my thing, I love them, and I love making them almost as much as eating them! Now I've tried the apple cake below I think I'll take up having tea time too, great excuse for cake etc!

The Polish Bakery was founded in 2003 and we are the oldest Polish bakery in the UK. We are a traditional company and attach a great importance to the quality of our bread. Just like we care about the family, we take care of our bread.

The heart of every culture is a good loaf of bread, and we use only the best natural ingredients to produce ours. Our award winning Master Baker jealously guards his sourdough recipe, and the proportions of the other ingredients are closely monitored to produce our finest loaves.

Thanks to the best quality products and the highest standard of production we are able to deliver, every day, the best tasting traditional Polish sourdough bread into British hands. Our sourdough bread gains an increasing number of British supporters, who once having tried our bread, discover the amazing taste, smell and texture and return to it on a daily basis.

This is their Chia Seed bread, it was a nice change from my usual sourdough, and the lasting memory of it was that it remained light and soft for days. I stored it in an airtight container but was certainly impressed with it's longevity. The chia seeds were a good taste and I've heard good things about the seeds on health grounds too.
Polish Bakery 2

Here's the chia seed bread as a wonderful breakfast toasted sandwich, the fact that the bread was so soft meant it made excellent toast. It appeared in many breakfasts over the coming days, lots more pics and ideas further down!
Polish Bakery 6

Next up in the lovely bread basket they provided, is the 100% Rye bread with cranberry. As these were smaller I ended up grabbing a slice as I walked through the kitchen and the sweetness made it a great snack. Probably not the best idea of mine to just snack on mountains of bread but it tasted lovely and made me feel good. The packaging almost looks good enough to give as gift! (See featured image at the top of this post).
Polish Bakery 3

Things then took a pretty seriously yummy turn - now, I'm not one for buying cakes to be honest, but faced with these two I couldn't help smiling and diving right in. On the left, the Fruity Cheesecake was light and had a good layer of fruit too, but for me the winner had to be the Apple Cake. Super moist and jam packed full of apples this culinary delight was the one that got finished first.
Polish Bakery 4

Here's my very restrained small tea-plate, I'm not going to tell you how many times I refilled in with excited eating... (but it was quite a lot).
Polish Bakery 5

Ideas for the bread again, here with avocado, poached eggs, fresh fruit and decent coffee.
Polish Bakery 7

Or you could add bacon, hollandaise, and parmesan to your avocado on toast?
Polish Bakery 8

Not a fan of poached eggs? Not a problem, here the toast has fried eggs and dark maple bacon with avocado on the side, plus some more of my breakfast favourites!
Polish Bakery 9

Decadent one here, try toasting the chia seed bread alongside baked figs and smoked salmon on poached eggs.
Polish Bakery 10


For more information you can find the Polish Bakery's site here, and their products are available from most supermarkets like Waitrose, Sainsburys and Asda and Tesco as well as some other regional shops.