Polish Village Meals

Polish Village Meals is part of the Polish Village Bakery brand, this proper Polish food is just like babcia made.

London has such an obsession with making everything bigger, better, more exclusive or instagrammable it forgets that real, proper food has to taste good too. Thankfully Polish Village Meals supplies great tasty food to those who either miss it from home, or who appreciate the effort that's gone into making all this in traditional ways.

They sent me some samples to check out, and as my journey through their meals continued, I tweeted my progress for you all to follow along. Here's the roundup with all the photos too, it was great to try this stuff.

My picks of bunch were the Bigos/Sauerkraut Stew with Pork Meat and Spicies (which could even sway the mind of the most staunch sauerkraut hater), the Krokiety/Pancakes (which were fabulous as either late night drunken food or next morning hangover food, and the Pierogi Ruskie/Dumplings which tasted soft, tasty and authentic.

I really really love this idea, having games to do whilst I cook. The folks at Polish Village Bread, and their meals team too, have a verve for life and fun, this jigsaw comes out whenever I'm cooking and need to occupy friends in the kitchen (people always congregate in the kitchen, so why not keep them busy!)

At the time I tweeted 5 'Cake!'s but it clearly wasn't enough. So here's some more. Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake! That's how happy it made me.

Find the Polish Village Meals here: http://en.polishvillagebread.co.uk