Review: Randall and Aubin's 'Crabstock' makes for a perfect date night


Randall and Aubin continue their domination of London's seafood scene, and their 'Crabstock' is proving very popular.

When I heard about Ed Baines' latest 'Crabstock' idea I knew it was something I had to try. Perfect for a date night I thought - and I wasn't disappointed - certainly gained some boyfriend points with this one!

Ed Baines is certainly using his vast culinary experience to create a wonderful ambience, top quality food and a rest-assured favourite of many. Randall and Aubin is the kind of place you can guarantee a great meal, so it's perfect to take people to, or for when you just want a decent meal and don't want to fuss about spending ages searching around. Go here, you can thank me later.

Starting off, the bread is freshly baked, crisp and fluffy - just what you need to soak up the first of many glasses of crisp house wine.

Ok, so I'm a sucker for oysters, and these were great. No grit, full of the flavours of the sea. If you're an oyster fan you'll be pleased, if not, all the more for me.

This is no nonsense food, Mr Crab here came pre-cracked, but thankfully I had the tools to help continue. There's not much the chef can do with crab like this other than ensure it's as fresh as it can be, which this certainly was.

Don't fancy pinging bits of crab shell across the restaurant? Easy - get the chef to do it all for you. To be honest I think I'd choose this option next time as it was fun, but this looked so much easier!

Randall and Aubin is a lovely small restaurant, with fantastic service and a lively atmosphere. They keep the large front windows fully open and it really adds to the fresh open feel. We weren't sure what the massive stationary glitter ball in the middle was for, but in the heart of Soho it seemed to fit in well and add a touch of fun sparkle to proceedings.

Tart au citron will always get my heart going, and this one was no exception - reassuringly French and with the icecream it made a lovely cleansing end to a great meal. We shared this one, but given half a chance I could have finished the whole thing off in no time!

Would definitely recommend you visit, even at lunch time if you can there's some great offers on too!

Find more at http://www.randallandaubin.com/