The Sunday lunch standard's been raised.

The Sunday lunch is an epicurial institution of Britishness, a fact being proven to an immense standard by the Three Oaks.

Brits are known across the world for our love of our traditional roast dinner, even nicknamed so by the French as 'le rosbif'.
Sadly however our pubs and restaurants across our glorious British isles often fail to live up to our hopes, providing the component parts, but widely missing the mark of a really good roast.

One that's getting in bang-on perfect though is The Three Oaks. Settling in Gerrards Cross in 2011, Katherine, Henry, Mikey and Tom have been topping awards lists ever since (like TopTable's best 100 UK restaurants). We'd heard good things, so invited friends along to try it out - we're very happy we did!

The Three Oaks GX

The Three Oaks Sunday lunch menu is pretty extensive, but the most popular dishes from a look around the restaurant are surely the roasts. With a big focus on meat welfare and local provenance, it's obvious they care more than most, even going to the effort of displaying their ideals on a large blackboard, excellent to see and definitely something to be proud of.
The Cornish lamb, dry-aged rump roast and suckling pig belly all looked good; I went for the pork and certainly wasn't disappointed! I will never understand how the chef manages to combine soft meat and crispy skin with a deftness only a true master magician can produce. Not that the meat is where the effort stops, epic crisp roasties , massive fresh cooked Yorkshire pudding and beautifully balanced veg make it well worth the trip.

It's the best £16 quid I've spent in a long time and certainly worth booking in advance, the popular Sunday lunch spot gets through 2 sittings where most places only mange one. We were booked at 12:00, yet it's after a happy relaxed 2 hours, with immense professionalism and politeness we were offered a move to the bar at 2pm after our meal, where happily chatting with friends we managed more wine and coffees.

Thank you to the team at The Three Oaks, we shall be back for sure!!

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