Teaforia Matcha

Teaforia have launched an abundance of matcha teas, so over the past month I've put them to the test and delved into the colourful world of ground teas.

Usually we throw away the tea bag, usually filled with over-processed dusty tea-like substance which we've all grown to know and love over the years. However matcha is a different concept, they use the 'pick-grind-dissolve' mantra to make sure you get the whole tea leaf, with all it's wellness goodness without having to filter the tea leaves through your moustache.

While I'm usually found with my face halfway down a double pot of strong black coffee, I do see the power of tea, and it's comforting hug that coffee can't match. So when Teaforia offered me a review I happily accepted. It took a month to really get through enough to work out what was good or not, but it was a fun journey and one I can now recommend - it's not a replacement for your cup of builders, or even for coffee, but another thing altogether and I think there's room on the shelf for them all.

This impressive green box below is their king of teas, being their 'Ceremonial Matcha' and very much the most refined of the bunch. It's the one I used the most, and the pure green powder although floatier than icing sugar, in my mind made the best drink.


To make the tea from this fine matcha, mix a teaspoon of it with 100ml of hot water, then whisk. It's important to make sure you whisk it thoroughly so it's properly dissolved, and you don't get any lumps. Plus, it produces a fantastic head - almost like a green-tea beer!

Then the blends, this one a Latika Chai Latte, an easier drink for the new to try and warming reminiscence of winter memories. While it's not exactly cold outside, we've seen our fair share of blustery May winds, and this cuppa relaxed the soul like a welcoming hearth. I liked it, my wife loved it; she's more of a tea drinker (being from Yorkshire) than I am, but still appreciates these teas, a nice change from a Yorkshire tea bag.

Ninja - POW! Yes, any tea with the words Ginger Ninja on the front are bound to excite, and it's good to see ginger being used here that actually tastes like ginger. A winner for me as I am a big fan of Rooibos and ginger, less so for my wife - she preferred the Citrus one below.

Kyo Matcha Latte, with vanilla it's more than just a green tea latte, and makes it more interesting for the selection. Another fave of us both.

Not only is the Citrus Zen green tea with lemon, and lemongrass a 'Great Taste' winner, but it's also the winner chosen by my wife. I did like it, but prefer the earthy notes of the ceremonial one (perhaps also I preferred the packaging of the ceremonial one too as it's a little drawer style box. Useful!)

Here's my go-to green tea matcha mug, fairly short so if you prefer more I'd add more water, fairly strong too, so perhaps use 200ml to one teaspoon instead - although I do like the pungent kick, and flavours reminiscent of seaweed too. Perhaps it's the total green overkill, but in my green glass mug (from T2) it really was a powerhouse. Awesome.

So would I buy Teaforia matcha? Yes, I think if I were looking for a green tea, it's easier to make than waiting for a pot of green tea to steep, stronger, and has interesting flavours too. I'm not a purist when it comes to wanting green tea to be still in leaf form, and so I think this is a good option. I'd probably not go for all the flavours, but it's good there is choice, as many people's opinion differs.

Find out more on their site: Click here