This is dinner on a super yacht!

Corporate events just got really really good looking.

In the world of corporate events, there are exhibition halls, and seedy business hotels - so when I recently got the chance to visit one of London's premier dock-side super yachts I jumped at the chance to experience life aboard this luxury cruiser.


Moored just outside the Excel Centre, London's city skyline easily shines alongside this sparkly ship, and with our attention usually more focused on the famous trendy spots, Sunborn Hotels are quietly making life special for the lucky few, one deck at a time.


While the setting was fantastic and certainly a better view than most can offer, I was rather surprised by the vivid purple lighting outside which appeared not so much as oligarchical opulence, moreover it reminded me of a sordid night I spent once at Cirque le Soir in Carnaby - but that's a tale for another night...


Still, inside was suitably grand with gorgeous staircases and shimmering chandeliers, first impressions are certainly those of magnificence. Various floors have rooms, restaurants and conference rooms.


Following drinks on one of the many terraces, our private party was offered inside to the waiting tables, where the chefs had been working hard preparing a classic, yet perfectly executed meal.


Dorset crab and scallop mousse, Champagne Beurre Blanc, rock chives. Effortlessly light and packed full of subtle flavours - a balance so often failed and expertly carried out here.


Cotswold chicken breast, mash, broccoli and a rich jus - A common favourite at corporate events, the chicken breast was soft, succulent and thankfully not an ounce of dryness anywhere. Flavourful too, although the menu stated gnocci, baby carrots and green beans so I guess they had to do a last minute switch round.


Glazed lemon tart with raspberry mascarpone - This was fantastic, I could quite easily have eaten the rest of the table's servings too, and the raspberry mascarpone was refreshing and cut through the lemon with balanced sharpness.


By the time we'd set the world to rights, and finished off every plate and bottle in sight, it was time to wend our way home - certainly one of the best corporate events I've been to in London, and thanks to NetApp for the opportunity.

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