Review: Wahaca Soft Taco Kits

Wahaca sent over some of their Soft Taco Kits so here are all the details!

2005 saw an exciting Masterchef series and the winner was a the bold Thomasina Miers, it thrust her into both the lime-light and her future as she subsiquently opened her first Wahaca restaurant in 2007 right in London's beating heart of the West End. Since then her Mexican flavours have captured the nations tastebuds and November will see the 25th Wahaca opening, this time in Southampton.

So with all these restaurants it's easy to see that Mexican fever is gripping the nation and interestingly not the tex-mex as peddled by Old El Paso, but real Mexican flavours. Wahaca was kind enough to send over some of the kits to try, and although I'm a massive fan of both Wahaca and Mexican food, my opinions are true and not paid for below.

In fact, in their own words:

Not so long ago, tequila girls, cheap shots and greasy tortilla chips were images that sprang to mind when 'Mexican' was done in Britain. At Wahaca we shook things up a bit and started doing things a little differently.

That said - I do get a bit excited...

These are the kits, Fiery Habenero & Achiote, Tomatillo & Garlic Mojo, and Tomato and Smoky Chipotle. Each comes with 10 flour tortillas, a marinade and some salsa.

Also the tomatillo salsa in the jar went well with each flavour so I'm glad I got that too as it's ended up being an accompaniment to pretty much every breakfast taco/avo on toast for days after.


Do take note lovely readers - when it says It's Fiery it really means it. I love a lot of spice but you might want to try a little bit first just in case.


What's good about the kit is that not only do you get all the bits you need but it's friendly, non-assuming and easy instructions. I do so like when recipes are easy to find, easy to do and interesting too.


These are the tortillas. I make my own usually as I like corn ones and they are hard to find in the UK, but these ones didn't seem like the odd ones from the supermarket, they are more of what I remember when I was in Mexico.


I did a few different versions, some with pulled pork, but I love sea bass so I headed to Waitrose to get these beauties, this is the Achiote sauce and it went really well. Just after this pic I broke the fish up a bit so it would take on more of the sauce, but wanted to show you how beautiful this piece of fish is.

So, first up these are the tomatillo & garlic mojo and along with the sea bass it worked well. I picked up these awesome little taco stands somewhere in my distant past and they really do help, but you can always put them on a flat plate and then hold them up when you're going to eat them.

Let's take a moment to appreciate the COMPLETELY AWESOME tequila bottle in the background. I love it and it's a very good Milagro’s Select Barrel Reserve  Reposado.

These are some more sea bass ones this time I did them with the Fiery Habanero and Achiote - OH MY I LOVE IT. Sorry, excited again. So, with some lime, sprinkle of cheese, the tomatillo salsa and peppers they worked well. This is the kit I'll be getting again for sure because I do like it spicy, and the Achiote works well with the fish. I'll have lime with pretty much anything so it's also good with this as it cuts through well.


Sometimes I work from home, and lunches like this make me love it so much. 6 awesome Wahaca tacos for lunch and I get to scoff them all! Definitely WINNING.


Oh, also it's totally worth doing your peppers under the grill. In a pan it's far too easy for them to go soggy (which no-one likes). Plus they caramelise a little too so taste fabulous.

So would I recommend these kits to you? Yes - because I think that it's always worth having PROPER Mexican food, and you can get them from Tescos online or in stores.

In very much related and exciting news, Thomasina Miers and Wahaca are throwing a Day of the Dead supper club and fiesta on 3rd, 4th, 5th November. Details here! (Book your tickets now and come drink proper tequila with me!)

In their words:

The full product range includes three different varieties of Soft Taco Kit (RRP £3.69), each varying in its level of heat, ranging from mild to hot, with flavours to suit all tastes. For those looking for a mild option, the ‘Tomatillo & garlic mojo’ kit comes with a garlic and chipotle marinade and a tomatillo salsa, making a mild-yet-tasty taco. For the more adventurous, try the ‘Tomato & smoky chipotle’ kit, containing a smoked tomato and chipotle marinade and chipotle salsa.

Chipotle chillies are a national favourite in Mexico, used in vibrant tasting salsas and marinades commonplace throughout the Southern and Central streets of the country. The third option, only for the bravest spice-loving souls, is the ‘Fiery habanero & achiote’. This kit provides maximum heat and makes good use of the habanero chilli, which is similar in flavour to the more commonly known scotch bonnet chilli. This kit combines the vibrant, brick red achiote marinade used in some of Wahaca’s most popular dishes, with the devilishly hot habanero chilli salsa – this one is certainly not for the faint-hearted! For those wanting to experiment and create new Wahaca-inspired recipes themselves, the range also includes a collection of individual ingredients, available to purchase separately. This includes both the ‘Tomato & smoky chipotle’, and ‘Garlic & chipotle’ marinades (RRP £1), as well as the two delicious ‘Tomatillo’ and ‘Chipotle’ salsas’ (RRP £1.79).

The flour and yellow corn tortillas are also available separately in a pack of 10 (RRP £1.40). These replicate some of the unique varieties of tortilla available in Southern Mexico made from freshly milled yellow corn, then filled with delicious fresh and vibrant, spicy salsas. The full range of Mexican ingredients will be available alongside the three Soft Taco Kit options (RRP £3.69).