Watch Randall and Aubin's culinary masterpiece videos here

For Randall and Aubin, its not just music stars that can have videos; Soho's culinary gem gives you a dive into their seafood filled, chatty and brilliant restaurant with a very on-beat video, and also a great interview with the guys responsible.

Seriously, some bands can't do videos anywhere as good as this! I'm happy to see this trend moving forwards, with decent cameras and high speed internet, just having a site with a menu is no-longer good enough. Now all we need is London to agree on drone laws and we could get some really fun stuff soon!

Randall & Aubin - The restaurant from Georgina Lloyd Parry.

Jamie Poulton and Ed Baines are also finely tuned to what their adoring public wants, certainly we always enjoy our meals there and it's not just because of one reason or another, it's the blend of good food, good company and a happy vibrance that makes R&A one of my faves. Here you can find out what Jamie and Ed think about the location, and some history about that famous location.

R&A Video Talking Heads with Jamie Poulton and Ed Baines from Georgina Lloyd Parry.

Randall and Aubin can be found here: and on twitter @randallandaubin