2nd time unlucky for Holborn's Bountiful Cow

Holborn's over styled burger joint is still a load of bull

I'm always one to give people the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes things just don't work out - but serve up bad food two times and there's no hiding from a justified bad review.
The Bountiful Cow has a great opportunity, 30 seconds from Holborn tube station, full of awesome and humourous beef-related posters, but sadly it's only the decor drawing the customers as the food remains disappointing.


Beers on tap and a big range of beefy choices should do wonders for a restaurant especially as foodies become ever more vocal, but by serving flat beer (again) and burgers cooked on a badly cleaned/seasoned gas grill (again) with chips from a freezer bag it's no wonder it was quiet at lunch time.
That horrible metallic taste has stayed with me for the rest of the afternoon (again) despite numerous mints/coffees, and my guests were equally disappointed so I left embarrassed and making excuses for the bad choice. Sticking a market's worth of salad into a burger might seem healthy, but makes it totally impossible to eat with out a mid-nom de-construction job. They really should get outta the dark and visit Hawksmoor - pull the udder one Miss Cow!


Please, give yourself a break and go somewhere else.