90 Degree Melt is winning brunch love in Mile End

Nidhi Sharma's brought her #AwesomelyAmerican brunch to East London.

Ping! My email pops up with an invite to a new brunch spot said to be like an american diner but different to what most would imagine, and as you know I'm a massive fan of brunches. So off I set to meet up with @JessEatingeast and @JamesEatingEast who had kindly arranged the invite.

Hi Everyone, I am Nidhi Sharma and 90° MELT is my concept. I have always loved food, but unlike most food entrepreneurs, I didn't fully realize what this meant until recently. This is my very first food project and the support has been incredible. Following your passion is not meant to be easy, which is exactly why it has to be a passion! Having a supportive and understanding family and husband (love Kunal) makes it easier! You will often see me at the restaurant, wearing tights and running up and down - please don't hesitate to say hello, provide suggestions, feedback or recipe ideas!

First up, these gorgeous delicately spiced balls of light potato and an oozy chunk of brie inside. Nidhi's Indian inspiration brings something a little more different to what you'd expect  of an american diner, and it's all the better for it. Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, there's a reason I picked them as this post's featured pic.


Brunch wouldn't be brunch without eggs, and along with salad, chipotle sauce, peppers and homemade cornbread Nidhi comes over to explain she's really proud of making everything fresh. Even to the point there's no ketchup, because there's more than plenty enough already home-made: Coriander chutney, Smokey chipotle, Green Chilli sauce, Punchy romescu and guac! Good on her I say, sticking to your guns an world of wanting the same old is boring, and this place is the opposite of that.

As it was brunch, we didn't dive into all the lunchtime '90degree' melted sandwiches, but we did sample a mini breakfast melt! I do love melted cheese, and this didn't fail me at all.

Green shakshuka baked eggs is ace, and while I felt a little out of sorts not having seen shakshuka on a menu before (with this name at least), the combo of cheese, veggies, eggs and pomegranate it tasted as unctuous as it looks below. Apparently this dish was born out family fave served in a huge bowl for many to share - I think this'd be a fun idea for the future!

Another brunch must-have, pancakes with mascarpone, banana and berries. Refreshing and obviously made just moments before - lovely!

Being made right then and there seems to be a common theme for 90degree melt, certainly this french toast could have been the winner of the day. Certainly it was James' favourite and I happily agree it's one I'd not miss out on when returning next time!

90 Degree Melt is a bright, clean, fresh and welcoming spot nestled in a busy east London street and certainly good for the area. We'd made it through this far without once wishing we had bacon or sausages and that vegetarian theme while not shouted about, certainly doesn't bother me or my fellow diners, there's more than enough interest to make this spot a stop for veggies or meaties or both. Happy to recommend.

Do check 90 Degree Melt review by Jess on https://eatingeast.wordpress.com/2017/03/06/90-degree-melt/

235 Mile End Road
London E1 4AA
Tube: Stepney Green