Everything you need to know about this year's Chinese Food Festival

This year's Chinese Food Festival is about to hit the city with all the comfort food and elegant dim sum you could ever wish for. Be sure not to miss it with this complete info guide of what's on!

Friday: Opening Ceremony (RSVP required) Reception @ 2.30pm / Ceremony 3-5pm
Friday: 11am - 10pm (public hours)
Saturday: 11am - 10pm (public hours)
Sunday: 11am - 6pm (public hours)

Link: http://www.chinesefoodfestival.com

Drunken Chicken

2016 Highlights include:

- Chinese Food Fair (over 20 stalls selling huge variety of Chinese food and drink)
Baoli Ganmianpi - a noodle-like Chinese dish made from wheat or rice flour. It is a specialty dish originating from the Chinese province of Shaanxi.
Bubblewrap - Hong kong style egg waffle with various fillings
Chongqing noodle - Hot and Spicy noodles made in Chongqing style.

- 2016 UK Chinese Streetfood Competition
previous winner was Chong Qing noodles 重庆小面 as above and returning this year

- Celebrity Chef Theatre Demonstration
Hot Pot Workshop - 12.30 on 20th and 21st August (45 mins) Free
Sui Mai Workshop from Chiwi (Chinese Kiwi) girls The Dumpling Sisters - 4.30 on 20th August (45 mins) Free

- Chinese Fine Dining Lounge
Advance purchasing required for Fine Dining set-menus here: http://www.chinesefoodfestival.com/vip-lounge
11:30 Shanghai Supper Club (20th August)
14:30 Dim Sum Set Menu (20th and 21st August)
18:00 Floral Dinner (20th August)

Fried Chrysanthemum

- Chinese “Night Market” from 7pm-10pm
DJs Luke Sorensen and Billy Gonzalez playing house and disco for the Night Market
Theme: Chinese Masks (provided by the festival)
Catered by streetfood stalls and cocktails and
Special addition: Lightshow

- Chinese Traditional Performances and Entertainment
Will include: Han Costume, Tai Chi Fan Dance, origami, calligraphy

- Notes
- Shanghai 10-course lunch with Shanghai Supper Club (20th August 11.30-2pm) £60 - advance tickets only: http://www.chinesefoodfestival.com/vip-lounge
- The festival does not accept cash, instead pre-loaded Food Cards will available on the day or advance purchase here: http://www.chinesefoodfestival.com/food-card/ - these cards will act as an annual membership and offer discounts in participating Chinese restaurants across London.