NEWS: Coffee kings Cru Kafe launch new range of beans and ground.

CruKafe started off successfully making decent ethically sourced organic coffee in compostable Nespresso pods, happily they also now supply the beans in bags too!

The latest news from the fine ladies and fellows over at CruKafe is they've taken their glorious coffee normally ground and 'podded' and are selling it as either beans, or ground in bags.

Ah, July... The month where we believe that the British weather will begin to resemble what summer is supposed to look like, when picnics and Pimms really start in earnest and people embrace all things new. New looks, new hobbies and perhaps even a new place for a holiday.

In this spirit, we have something new to share with you for July. For all of you who like your coffee in forms other than capsule - our Peruvian Cajamarca coffee, (either beans or ground ready for use). Beautiful, organic, speciality-grade coffee from the St. Ignacio region in Peru. We have begun grinding a limited amount weekly, so be sure to get your order in early if you want some of that week’s made-to-order roast!

To show how excited we are for you to try this truly special blend, and to introduce you to what will be the first from an expanding range of exquisite organic coffees, we are offering 250g bags at a special introductory price of £5.95. Simply click on the link below to shop our bean or ground offering.


I was lucky enough to try some of their beans before they went on general release, and I certainly approve of their ethos, taste and how joyfully awake I ended up after I finished off my large French Press!


This is me with the CruKafe beans along with a healthy breakfast of goats milk yoghurt, banana and borage flowers (sourced from the night market here).

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