Cru Kafe launches better coffee for your Nespresso machine.

CRU Kafe wants to make your Nespresso coffee better.

I think Nespresso's got totally lost with all it's millions of flavours, strengths, blah blah blah. Thank goodness then CRU has come up with one you can stock up on, and they even deliver on demand. Brilliant. Apparently it tastes pretty good too!

Created by three coffee enthusiast friends in 2013, CRU Kafe is an exciting new brand. It challenges the ethics and sustainability of coffee giants like Nespresso by using only the best high altitude, organic and fair trade coffee.

CRU Kafe is available to purchase online and from the following retailers:
- Jamie Oliver's Recipease
- Harrods
- The Grocer (Notting Hill + Chelsea)
- Partridges
- The Grocery
- Whole Foods (High Street Kensington, Clapham Junction and Fulham)
- Startisans
- Minkies Deli

Here's John Quilter talking all about a rather great recipe for Salted Caramel Mocha.

They are also supporting the Soil Association's 'Organic your September' campaign, which I think is all kinds of ace!


I guess all I need is a Nespresso machine to try them out! Till then, this is what I use for making coffee. I wonder if this could tip me over the edge to pods. Send advice to @smokebark