It's only battered fish // or is it...?

Many things add up to a really decent fish and chips. There are many that imitate with various degrees of success, but I'm putting it out there a that this is the best.

Head down to a place called The Middle Street Fish Bar, at Deal, it's rather nice in an incredibly British way.
I've had fish and chips from London, past Austin and all the way to Sydney, and nowhere else seems to know the secret, and although this place wasn't about to give it up it does sell smile inducing crispy fresh as it gets fish, with wickedly good chips to boot.

I mean seriously - just look at this picture, you can imagine the scrummyness!

You'd have to be a total nonce not to plan a trip there, it's a completely stereotypical seaside town and does the best fish and chips EVER. We've even included a map for you - aren't we thoughtful.

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