Meat me at Home brings Michelin quality exotic meat to your door.

Supplier to the most exclusive Michelin star restaurants, Meat Me At Home are now offering the same top-end meat delivered direct to your door.

Good quality meat tends to get me rather excited, but with such a mediocre selection and worryingly over-produced selections at our supermarkets, it's hard to get those stand out cuts you see so often lauded in the finest restaurants.

Having spent the last 20 years supplying the best of the best, to the finest most luxurious Michelin star restaurants, Freedown Foods decided it was time to share the love, and provide these exotic meats from around the world to us lucky home cooks too. Some of this stuff just isn't readily available to people out of the restaurant supply chain, so I was very happy to be asked to try out some of their top-end meats, and the delivery that they use - after all, no point having great meat if it's spoiled in transit...

Thankfully when my well informed delivery day arrived, the box itself showed that these guys are masters of the chill-chain...

Packing with WoolCool is another reason the meat travels so well - the liners are produced using 100% pure wool. They have a proven track record within the food industry as the trusted performance insulated packaging solution that delivers perishable goods in perfect condition. Also inside were ice packs. It all arrived in tip top condition.

CHECK OUT THESE BAD BOYS - From the top clockwise: Beef Picanha also known as Rump Cap or Sirloin Culotte, then Bison, then Iberico Secreto

The Bison steak was vast, and certainly more than we needed for 2 people 😉 But hey, we're hungry folk...

Bison steak is much lighter in flavour, but firmer in texture than I'd expected. Not as deep and intense as beef, but went very well with a cool fresh tomato salad and grilled polenta.

Iberico Secreto - IT'S A SECRET OK! So - this meat is my new go-to impress the hell outta guests pork cut. The marbling off the scale thanks to the reverence care and attention given to their Iberian pigs. All pigs are left to live happy outdoor organic lives for not less than 10 months, giving a high level of fat and flavour.
Best thing to do, quickly fry on a hot griddle, watching out as there's lots of fat, so it'll spit all over your hob - don't worry - you can clear it up later..

Head off to the Iberian mountains, you'll not only find those happy pig (super cheesy video here) but you'll find little toasts too - with light sunblush tomatoes and slices of tasty pork. So that's exactly what I did too! Amazing rich pork flavour and beats the hell out of most other pork cuts.

Beef - for some it's the main event, and certainly in my delivery this was the cut I was most excited to get stuck into. Picanha is my new fave cut, thought it's worth making sure you know about it before you slice it into steaks. The grain of the meat runs in one direction, so to get the best steaks you need to cut across the grain - take a look, when you get yours, you'll see what I mean.
Picanha is a rare cut in the UK, but one which delivers time and time again on flavour, fat content and taste.

I AM THE GOD OF HELLFIRE AND I BRING YOU... FIRE... Usually I'm the one telling you how you 'should' cook steaks, harping on about the Parrillas of Argentina or how to season your griddle pan. But really, you can grill it on a bunch load of super hot coals, you'll get loads of flame up because of the fat so just embrace it. Your steaks will take about 2 mins to cook. That's it. Done.

Don't forget to leave them to rest before slicing and eating! The meat was super moist, packed full of flavour. Went well with triple cooked wedges, kale and red wine reduction.

Meat Me At Home's meats are in full compliance with EU standards. Only beef raised without antibiotics and in accordance with the Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC) program can enter the EU. Ensuring animals’ health and well-being is crucial both morally and economically. Meat producers know that well-nourished and content animals are the cornerstone of their commitment to bringing only the highest quality meats to their well informed and concerned customers.

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