MOC Kitchen offers free food for Vietnam Day 2nd Sept

Wear either of the colours on the Vietnamese flag, RED or GOLD, from Monday 31 August till Friday 4th September, and MOC Kitchen will treat you to a complimentary starter to kick off your meal.

MOC Kitchen is the first restaurant venture from founder and Vietnamese born, Ms Lan Nguyen, I had a great time at their opening, with a great lesson in all sorts of new herbs, read my review here


Vietnam National Day celebrates Vietnam’s independence from France in 1945. It is a huge celebration in Vietnam.
September 2nd, 1945 is an important landmark marking a major turning point of Vietnam. It was an establishment day of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and is also considered the National Independence Day of the current Socialist Republic of Vietnam. President Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence at Ba Dinh Square, officially claiming the independence and sovereignty of Vietnam from France and Japan.
As a typical National Day, Vietnamese has a day-break from work to commemorate the event’s historical significance. A notable sign for the cheerful spirit of the day is the appearance of Vietnam flags everywhere, coloring the whole country with lively red backgrounds and jovial yellow stars. The streets are exploded with a boom of red and yellow banners of celebrations and oversized posters of Uncle Ho speaking into a microphone in 1945.


What's more, they've have designed two brand new cocktails also in celebration of Vietnam National Day using signature Vietnamese ingredients. Both cocktails will be available from 31 August.

The Ca Phe Da Tini
A twist on the iconic cup of street coffee on sale on every corner in Hanoi, this Vietnamese coffee martini is sophisticated and full of the complex, round and sweet chocolatey notes of the Robusta pea berry coffee bean. Containing about twice the caffeine of the more common Arabica bean it’s the perfect kick starter to your night.

The Rau Ram Riot
Serrano pepper-infused gin and Grand Marnier meet head on with fresh lime juice, ginger and Rau Ram­--Vietnamese coriander.