NEWS: Carve, eatery turned meatery with primal protein served fast.

Carve aims to change our perception of stale dry carveries into a bustling takeaway serving great meat to those with an appetite and no time to wait (but don't worry, there are veggie options too!)


Sunday lunch is sacred (see my idea of a great one here.) It's something we value very highly and beige temples of boiled sprouts and try turkey (yes I'm looking at you Harvester et al) means that when we hear the word carvery we immediately run for the hills. However, I'm glad that Carve have decided not to re-do the old style but switch it up as a quick in, quick out meat-fest.


The news is out, and here's what they have to say, there's even some mouthwatering photos too, although I hope either the portions are bigger in real life, or the price matches a quick bite than a full meal. Still, these folks have style and the interior shots certainly pique my interest. It's all cashless too, people don't have long for lunch so the quicker the better for something better than a sarnie from Pret!


Healthy. Innovative. Delicious.
From breakfast through to dinner, impeccably sourced premium cuts of meat, fish and tofu slabs are hand-carved, pulled and prepped by experts from a dramatic raised carving podium, and served with superfoods, spices, relishes and roots.


Fast. Casual. Cashless.
Catering to the ever-accelerating pace of London life, the technologically advanced, one-price, one-screen payment system enables you to tap, grab-and-go (or pull up a pew) in a matter of seconds. Diners at Carve are guided via ‘knocked back’ arrow floor markings, ensuring an efficient, speedy journey from placing their order and completing their transaction to picking up a carvepot from the self-service system – no more wasting that precious lunch in an endless queue.


Urban Fit Out
Dusting off the staid image of traditional carveries, Carve’s interior tears up the rule book – no drab identikit setting but a dramatic, sleek and urban space where the ‘roasts’ and the carvers take centre stage. Materials include painted blockwork, concrete, charred wood, and steel rods with the focal point being the long carving podium complete with a counter clad in blackened charred wood to reflect the roasting process the meats go through.


116 – 120 Tooley Street, London SE1 2TH
For more details, check on their website: click here.