Review: Notch Rooftop Bar, Oxford Street


Flying high above Oxford Street, Notch brings East London chill to a busy tourist spot

After climbing the requisite 6 flights of stairs, to be greeted with tyre swings gives a nod to the mood of the place here, high above the bustling chaos of Oxford Street we are rewarded with a relaxed, chilled and very 'it's all OK' mood reminiscent of bars far further east than here. I live about as far west as is possible, so having more east my way is a great thing.

Jar cocktails in full swing here, but there's no pretentious over-doing of your drinks, it's understood that the cocktails are good as they are, and they aren't £20 so we're all cool right? Right.

Another shopping trip in town has left me wanting a relaxing drink, and this giant iced tea is just the ticket. Now that ladies and gents, is how people want a long cold drink, quickly, done well and with a hunk of orange on top. Brilliant. Keep your burnt orange fancies for another day.

Bottle service too, or pints pulled, it's all served from an old science bench complete with gas taps and memories of many years back.

Kim got a pint and a coffee, shes' so fantastically northern - reet good!

It's a popular place, and you'll need to wait a bit before getting some of the epic good swing seats (yes, real swings here) but everyone's relaxed and having a good time.

With various snack foods being served from a greenhouse, some may say the concept is odd, but it's unpretentious and it works well. Nothing is out of place and it's this understanding that it's concentrating on being good, before being shiny that gives it an air of relaxing happiness that others that try too hard could never match. Don't get me wrong though, it takes skill to pull this off, and all credit to their 2nd year here they know what they're doing!

535 Oxford St

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