Product: After months searching, I found a double flex-induction cast iron griddle pan!

It's taken a while, but I've finally found a double induction griddle pan for my flexinduction hob. Sounds simple, but what a task!

As you'll see, my hob is a vast expanse of gorgeous black glass, and the right hand side is selectable to link together and fit a large rectangular pan. However Neff's own double griddle is useless, doesn't have sides, spins around and not really fit for purpose. Yes I could have put 2 griddle pans on, but that kinda negates the need for getting the flex-induction.

So why the bother? Well if you're not already aware, induction hobs use the power of magnets, and so most large griddles (being aluminium) won't work. Cast iron however works fantastically, but it's usually very rough. - Hark! I hear you cry don't Le Creuset make rectangular griddle pans? - Well yes, but they're not going to work as the pan may be rectangular, but the heat pad underneath is a disc, and thus designed for normal round rings, not the rectangular flex-induction area.

The pan has a flat uniform base, the cast iron is coated in hard black enamel underneath that's very smooth to the touch. The surface seems well seasoned and the handles are removable (this is great, as they would otherwise get in the way of my board.) It's very heavy, but that's exactly what you want to stop it moving around!

Oh the joy! Finally I have enough space to griddle things without crowding the pan. Asparagus and heritage carrots from the local farm shop. Fab flavours.
As you can see, there was loads of space, such a sense of freedom having such a large griddle space in the kitchen.

And another shot, just because they're such a lovely colour. It's much healthier to griddle than to fry, as fats run into the grooves and it's MAD HEAT that cooks, not bubbling moisture boiling the veg. As a result the carrots remained crisp but cooked through.

And so the result, herby chicken, mustard jacket mash, heritage carrots and fine asparagus, served with some epic spring herb jelly from Passion Preserved

Grab the AWESOME griddle pan on Amazon here (I'm in now way affiliated with the company, and I bought this with my own hard earned cash!) £56 at time of writing. Also found it available in a real shop if you prefer