Product: Kimbo coffee and Caffettiera napoletana

Kimbo coffee is brewing up with style here in the UK, what's more they've got a great coffee maker to go with their famous beans.

Coffee is pretty much the only thing that'll effectively get my going in the morning. I met a great coffee man recently who imported beans from columbia, ground them, and made espresso by hand - well, it was sublime coffee but not exactly practical for a quick morning brew. However, Kimbo have been making professional coffee for ages and have now got a great little coffee maker to go with it all. They sent one for me to review, along with some coffee - it may seem like a complicated process at first, but check the pictures below as it's really quite simple!

I like my coffee fairly bitter, especially my espresso, and while this coffee wasn't as fruity as some fresh ground can be, it certainly brought a decent depth of flavour to my morning that so many fail to produce. Kimbo thankfully stops short of over-roasting the beans, which means that even with these strong espresso grounds there was still enough interest to make it a great morning coffee to wake up for a Monday morning, as there was when we tried it after a meal the other night with friends.

It'll make espresso for 4 people, or 2 long coffees depending on the amount of water you add, and the strength people like.

Kimbo says:

This classic, traditional Neapolitan dark roast is intense and full bodied, well suited for a stronger morning coffee with extra oomph! Kimbo's freshly ground coffee is perfect for use in cafetieres, filter machines, moka pots and espresso machines. It is vacuum packed to guarantee you the same freshness as the day the beans were roasted. Finely ground and with the exquisite traditional Neapolitan taste famous all around the world!

Put the ground coffee beans into this part.

Remember the more you put in, the more the water has to travel through it, so will be stronger. Fill it full for espresso or half full for a longer coffee and don't tamp it down.


Add just boiled water to this part.

The instructions say you can also add cold water and heat over the stove, but as readers may remember I have an induction stove so it won't work. This way works perfectly well and is much faster and easier.


Screw the filter lid on and slide into the water pot.

Tight is good, over tight is not.


Place the pouring pot part on the top of the assembly.

The sections fit together really well.


Flip the whole thing upside down (downside up?)

Having the handles together like this makes it really simple. It will drip a few drops of water though so perhaps don't do it over the morning papers.


Wait for between 3 and 5 minutes.

During this time, you can sort whatever it is you'd like to have with your coffee, be it a newspaper, food or go turn your laptop on ready for the day's work.


The pour - the first time you're seeing your coffee

It's a glorious thing, it makes me happy.


Spare bit of tart-au-citron? Yes bloomin please sir!


If you prefer a long coffee, it does a great americano with milk too.

Hey Sub-Zero and Wolf... that reminds me, time to start planning my kitchen design...

You can now get Kimbo coffee from their website, or catch them on twitter