REVIEW: Turkish eggs at Peter Gordon's The Providores, Marylebone


Peter Gordon's Turkish eggs are pretty and famous, so I headed to his gorgeous Marylebone eatery The Providores for the perfect brunch.

From the outside, The Providores' ornate exterior exudes elegant style, and on the ground floor the Tapa Room serves light fusion food in relaxed and comfortable surroundings. Busy, but not overly so, the wait staff seem happily in control of the various goings on, and it's not long before I'm ushered politely to make my way upstairs to the more formal dining room, with large open windows out onto the street and a crisper presence than the bustling goings on below.

Coffee being the mainstay of any good brunch establishment, it's good to see Volcano small batch speciality coffee in attendance with an impressive coffee list available proving Marylebone's clientèle know what they want, and how they like it. All seems well and happy with many already captured in caffeine-fueled morning chats and knowledgeable menu choices.

This is the proper way to start a day, a small cup of perfectly formed Macchiato, served with a deft approach and welcoming parlance, the breakfast choice was an easy one; Turkish eggs.


These eggs are the entire reason I booked at The Providores; since Peter finally shut the door on Kopapa to move on to new exciting projects, I've been sadly devoid of places to get this fabulous dish. Inspired by 15th century culinary masterpieces still very much in favour in Turkey, Peter found much inspiration from his travels around the markets, restaurants and friends.

Hailing from the historical pages of Istanbul's Ottoman influence, the unctuous mix of thick Greek yoghurt, warm spiced butter, and golden yolked poached eggs is perfect for dunking the heady sour-dough toast. Mixing yoghurt and eggs may not seem the most usual idea, but nevertheless this gourmet fusion of Turkish 'Cibir' awakes all the right senses for a tasty brunch. I love it, and as you can see I will travel far and wide for the pleasure.

I was very happy with my visit, the staff were friendly and attentive, the price was reasonable for the location, and the standard of the food was outstanding. So there you go, short and sweet, the main event done with, I headed off into town for more delights - check back soon to see what they are!

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