Review: Dirty Bones at Carnaby


I went to the new Dirty Bones in Carnaby and had the best burger of my year.

Burgers - they really are everywhere; it's darned hard impress London's fickle diners who have such a wide choice, but the team at Dirty Bones though sure know how to keep service high both sides of the pass.
Arriving for a quick lunch at their new Carnaby location on the top floor of Kingly Court, I chose a nice table by the window (great for foodie blogger photos) and settled to the menu. No real need though; I'd already planned what I wanted, the Dirty Bones Mac Daddy is well known and lauded for good reason.

Look at it. It's bloomin marvelous, tasted fab and made me smile for a very long time indeed! Toasted brioche bun, cooked to order 6oz patty, pulled beef short rib, creamy mac-n-cheese and D&B BBQ sauce. My eagle eyes spied a very switched on chef running both the pass and his team of enthusiastic cooks.
The short rib was succulent, and the mac-n-cheese lived up to the hype with just enough cheese to balance. The accompaniment of 'Dirty Bones Pickles' may seem unnecessary, but they provide a great tang to go with the very rich burger. With so much going on on the plate I didn't rue the fact I didn't order chips, it was just the right amount for a quick lunch.

Fast and efficient, even just 3 weeks in the team were showing 110% effort, and winning people's adoration with ease. Lots of seating and a great bar fully stocked ready for their evening crowd.

Here's the magical book - I won't spoil the surprise but make sure you ask for it.

So Dirty Bones can do burgers - watch out team I'm gonna come back for dem bones!

For more details see their website, restaurants in Kensington and Carnaby.