Review: House of Ho - Vietnamese brunch with unlimited prosecco


Sunday brunch places are popping up all over the place in London, and The House of Ho is doing one well worth the difference.

House of Ho's Rock 'n' Roll brunch as described below was great, but what made it even better was the music choices. Selections from Queen, Jimmy Hendrix, Ray Charles and Neil Young all made the mood lively and fun. Great idea and managed to keep us well entertained.

Lychee bellini on arrival (above), certainly a refreshing change, and just the entry into the ever flowing prosecco.

Calm interior, just what's needed on a lazy Sunday. We opted to sit away from the busy street outside, although a gorgeous day outside, it was nice to relax in peace.

Prosecco - there was loads - it didn't stop, and try as I did they never ran out. I lost count after 7 glasses...

Crackers, with fish sauce, chili sauce and soy, nice to have the accompaniments.

Edamame, these were done well, and not overpowering with salt, just enough to wake up the tastebuds.

Fresh summer rolls, refreshing and light, the peanut sauce was TO DIE FOR, really nice balance of herbs too.

Imperial rolls, what a surprise, not really sure what to expect, these had so much crunch but yet were really light too. Gorgeous filling too.

7 spice marinated squid - decided to get two of these, we're big squid fans! We could have just sat and ate these all day, brilliant and moreish.

Stuffed tofu was good, but perhaps had cooled slightly waiting for the chicken wings to be finished so would have preferred it hotter.

Chili glazed chicken wings, could just suck these right off the bone, super succulent and a joy to eat. The shredded cucumber too was lovely, no idea what dressing but it was a great coolness to counter the spice.

Apple-smoked pork belly - nice and soft, would have liked a crisped top but the sauce was good. Not sure worth the £6 surcharge though...

Lemongrass chicken in a fish-caramel sauce, super powerful flavours, you need to be ready for quite an onslaught of taste and it's certainly a departure compared to the lightness of the rolls.

Morning glory, again, another big flavour hitter, so make sure there's a glass of prosecco to go with em. That's easy!

Chef's special Crème brûlée, certainly a gloriously smooth crème, proper burnt orange flavour and the brûlée was crisp and glassy - just how it should be!

All considered, the limitless prosecco was a winner here, with great dishes for the £29 price and well worth a trip for the experience. There was loads of food and we felt we really got our money's worth. Would have liked some lighter delicate dishes, perhaps concentrating on the superb herbs like Moc Kitchen but definitely something to add to your 'must do' list.
Topped off with fantastic staff, who were interesting and interested, I give House of Ho brunch a solid 7/10.