Review: Kopapa Covent Garden Brunch


We chose Kopapa for our Sunday brunch, the awesome food means I'm already planning my return visit.

I got together with a group of friends on Sunday for a lazy brunch. Fuelled by fewer hangovers than we'd admit, group brunching is new to some but loved by all. Breakfast menu items sit happily alongside more lunchy choices, and now I've had their Turkish eggs I'm hooked. The coffee here is also great, it's ground by nearby coffee experts Monmouth Coffee.

Turkish eggs. A fascinating mix of yoghurt, poached eggs, clarified butter, spices and other secret ingredients, the combination is similar to the best creamy delights of an eggs benedict, but with a hint of spicy warmth, flavours reminiscent of holidays and some fantastic bread to dip too. My new best dish, I'll be trying to recreate it at home although with the recipe a closely guarded secret I may have to visit a few times to get it right!

Hot smoked salmon is certainly heartier than the standard cold smoked usually on offer for breakfast, and here served with spinach, perfectly poached eggs and a yuzu mayonnaise. Happy cries abound as the eggs split their yolky middles, I think it must be a universally loved moment.
One friend fancied something a little more substantial, and with brunch being an 'anything goes' affair this West Country burger with smoked chilli miso relish, emmental, smoked aioli, crispy bacon and home-made coleslaw looked fantastic. Cooked to order either medium-rare or well done, apparently it tasted pretty great too!

I would certainly recommended Kopapa, our booking for 10 people was served with ease and professionalism, the service was efficient and the cooking both interesting and tasty. I will definitely return soon.

More info here: www.kopapa.co.uk