REVIEW: Lima Floral Brunch


I took myself for brunch at Lima Floral, such a colourful thing to do!

I'd been meaning to try Lima Floral for ages, so last Sunday I set off into the bright sunny morning and took myself for brunch. I rarely go alone but this time I felt confident I'd not get bored, I have a new Canon 70D camera to play with so do let me know what you think of the photos on twitter please!

N.B. I wasn't invited to review, I just went along because I'd heard good things.

Lima Floral is a well designed, bright and airy eatery (there is a darker bar downstairs serving Piscos late into the night) but for brunch it was perfect. The staff were friendly, genuine and attentive.


First off and main-stay of one of the best parts of the morning, coffee. I've become somewhat of an artisan drinker of coffee ever since I visited a coffee plantation in Puerto Rico (read about it here). Also, the cucumber water was very refreshing - certainly helped my slightly fuzzy head and the glassware was an epic colour blue - this photo isn't even enhanced!

Their breakfast menu is bold and you don't get much decision in what you get, but all the items are interesting and they will help out with other ideas if you have dietary requirements etc. This is Andean Cereal Porridge with Chancaca Syrup. (Chancaca is typical Peruvian sweet sauce made with raw unrefined sugar and often flavoured with orange).

Along with this came with a riot of colour from the Yoghurt with eucalyptus, muna mint, fruit, maca root, honey and bee pollen. Really refreshing and one of my faves to do at home, the sweetness and mint really made it light and interesting.

Next up were Potato pancakes with my new face Chancaca syrup. The portions at the Lima Floral brunch are fairly small but there are many of them, I didn't feel cheated or hungry at all but the end.

Frittata with spring onions was a lovely egg-based change from my usual poached eggs and the peppers in them too added nice colour.

Suckling pic for breakfast - oh blooming yes please! Brioche buns might not be everyone's cup of tea but I'm still a fan and especially when filled with juicy pulled pork and crispy veg.

DESSERT - FOR BREAKFAST. Rather over-excited about this, loving the idea and it was a perfect end to a lovely meal. Rich Amazonian chocolate mousse with an alfajor (a little like a light shortbread) and Aguamanto (I had to google this - it's apparently another name for Physalis or Cape Gooseberry but either they had been reduced down to awesome little red sweet thingies or I had something else atop my chocolate spoonful of heaven. Either way, it was fab.


I'll certainly be going back to Lima Floral again, possibly for brunch but I'd also like to try their other dishes too.

14 Garrick Street (Entrance on Floral Street), Floral, London, WC2E 9BJ

Tuesday - Thursday: 11:45-14.30
Friday: 11:45-15:30, last order 15:45
Saturday - Sunday (Brunch Menu): 10.30-15:30pm

Monday - Saturday: 17:00-22:45pm
Sunday: 17.00-21.00

Monday to Thursday it is closed from 3pm to 5pm
Fridays and Saturdays the bar closes 1 am
Weekends opens all day
The rest of the days closes at the same time as the restaurant

+44 20 7240 5778