Review: Rossoterrazza summer garden atop John Lewis Oxford Street


Rossopomodoro brings vibrant Italian flavours and refreshing cocktails to the summertime garden atop John Lewis' flagship Oxford Street store.

Everyone loves a bit of chilling in the garden during the summer, and moments from excited (but rather warm) shoppers is an oasis of calm. As with anything found at John Lewis, quality tends to be higher than most other places, and this ethos has been maintained for their lovely garden. We were invited along to see what all the fuss was about, especially following my news about the launch I was eager to see how this 'Rossoterrazza' had actually turned out!


The summer retreat features over 1,000 hand-planted plants, shrubs, trees and grasses. Designed by Tony Woods, Garden Club London founder and winner of the prestigious ‘Young Garden Designer of the Year 2013’, the rooftop is home to vibrant and exotic plants which provides an abundance of colour and scent all summer long.

Something interesting about the roof terrace garden is that it's divided into lots of sections, pick a table and you'll not feel overlooked, but comfortable and relaxed (yet always within easy reach of the bar). Great idea.

First off, there is ALWAYS time for a margarita! - they even had decent tequila there so this was gorgeous. I could probably have just sat drinking these all day!

We had a fair few cocktails at our table, which all arrived very quickly, a blessing on a hot day!

Orecchiette pasta salad with ham, green peas, Emmental cheese, leek, rocket. Lovely to see Oreccheiette and it made for a perfect combination with the sauce. Very light and refreshing.

Rice salad with tuna, tomatoes, French beans, onions, black olives, capers, boiled egg. Quite the classic, and welcome on any plate, especially mine!

Mozzarella, Parma ham, tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise. These little bocconcini mozzarella balls are so juicy, really made the difference.

Mushrooms, Stracchino cheese, radicchio. I'd usually pick everything meaty on the menu, but these mushroom rotolini were very tasty!

Joe & The Juice were also there providing all kinds of whizzed up fruit&veg, though the food at Rossopomodoro was really the main event.

The roof garden was another world, away from the stress of shopping, it's made the top of John Lewis a destination well worth visiting!

If you've never had strawberries, balsamic and mozzarella I feel sad for you - it's heaven on a stick. So go get some!

The Summer Retreat at John Lewis Oxford Street is open from 12pm until the shop closes on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday to Sunday and from 12pm to 4pm on Wednesdays.
Just follow the signs when you enter the store, the staff are very friendly and helpful to get you to the terrace.


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