The best Meatopia gallery you'll ever see.

Meatopia an amazing food festival, and here's the greatest gallery you'll ever see.
Wrap your hungry eyes round this lot - there's meat and lots of it!

Founded in the US by the late great Josh Ozersky (formerly Restaurant Editor of Esquire Magazine and James Beard Award winning author) and brought to the UK by chef Richard H Turner and London butchers, Turner & George, Meatopia is a festival of high quality, ethically sourced meat, all cooked over ethically sourced wood and charcoal by some of the world’s leading top chefs.
It's a weekend-long love affair of meat, drink, fire and music, Meatopia UK has become a legendary event for food lovers.

Oh that meat. Oh those knives. Oh that smokebark!

Photos courtesy of the eminently talented Mike Tendler (c) 2015 all rights reserved.