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Tredwell's launches breakfast - and it's awesome

As Tredwell's opens for breakfast with an exciting new menu expectations are high, but this famous eatery proves it's worth and comes in right at the top.

From 5th May 2015 Tredwell's has opened it's luxurious doors earlier than ever before; it seems their adoring clientèle have demanded Marcus Wearing's food before their days have even started.

This coffee made me really happy - and don't forget to ask the staff about their Cold Brew coffee, it's quite a process but becoming ever more popular.
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Walking in it's obvious this is a classy joint, where the interior mixes fine dining with steam-punk and very well trained staff. Friendly faces add to an atmosphere of effortless ease and well planned service - it's things like this that make all the difference for me, especially having just fought the underground and still waking up. There are many choices of breakfast in town, so with such stuff competition even their Leicester Square/Covent Garden location wasn't going to be enough, they needed a new menu to wow an already expecting crowd.

Here is that menu:
Tredwells Breakfast 1
Toasted sourdough or Gluten free bread, with preserves
Virtuous housemade granola, coconut yogurt mousse, fresh strawberries (Ve)
Seasonal fruit, greek yogurt (V)
Caramelised banana eggy bread, bacon, maple syrup
Bacon & fried egg brioche bun
Seasonal vegetable egg white frittata, tomato relish (V)
Bacon & eggs, toasted sourdough
Heirloom tomatoes & avocado, toasted sourdough (Ve)
Chorizo jam, slow cooked egg, avocado, toasted sourdough
Prawn 'Benedict'
ADD bacon jam [Mu, Ce], chorizo jam [Mu Ce], bacon or avocado, pork sausage [Mu, G], or beans.

So with high hopes and excited taste-buds I arrived at an 8:30 sitting and being first there was happy to report both service and food was a step up, the next level, a departure from the norm. I say norm, because so many other breakfast establishments have seen fit to rely on their customer's necessity for food, as opposed to genuinely making breakfast a sublime experience. And indeed, with over 17,000 restaurants in London to chose from you could visit a different one every day for 46 years!

What with brunch becoming ever more popular, morning food is an occasion more than ever. And so it should be - just look at it!
Tredwells Breakfast 2

This is the first breakfast served by Tredwell's and it blew my mind. Yes, the idea of Chorizo, Avocado and Egg has been done before (see The Breakfast Club's Huevos al Benny), but it's the high standard and tremendous care with which the flavours have been combined with makes it stand out. It simply made me smile - thank you - someone's actually put some thought and love into balanced breakfast flavours.
Thick, hot sourdough griddled toast, a thin layer of fresh avocado to compliment the TOTALLY AWESOME CHORIZO JAM (yes that needed CAPS), and a slow cooked egg with delicate poise and smooth rich flavours. It is a sight to behold, my mouth had a party and the truth sure lived up to the hype.

Breakfast. In Style. Done.
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P.S. - There is a sneaky new addition to the menu which you'll see above - Prawn Benedict. Check back soon for an update of this mysterious take on the famous benedict, we shall see if it's any good and perhaps the 'next new thing'?

Link and to book, click here
Breakfast at Tredwell's
Monday to Friday: 8:00am – 11:00am
Saturday & bank holidays: 9:00am – 11:00am
Sunday: 9:30am – 11:00am

4A Upper St Martin's Lane
London, WC2H 9NY
0203 764 0840/

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