Woodstock Kushiyaki - Oxford Street's bar scene just got good.

The Woodstock Kushiyaki Bar is now open, bringing a truly authentic Japanese Izakaya to the capital.

Located adjacent to Oxford Street, the bar serves an extensive Japanese-led drinks menu alongside freshly grilled Kushiyaki skewers. The concept is based on the pubs and bars found in Japan, used by workers as a pit-stop for a ‘pint and skewer’ before heading home at the end of the day. This is food to hunt out - it's frikkin' awesome!


They have Award winning Sake with info to match!
Honjozo 本醸 ,all rounder, goes well with a wide variety of food.
Made with rice, water, koji and a very small amount of pure distilled alcohol (“brewers’ alcohol”)
to help extract flavor and aroma. Light, mildly fragrant, easy to drink.

Junmai 純米 , all rounder, goes well with a wide variety of food.
Made with only rice, water and koji mold. The rice used must be polished to at least 70%. Often a full and solid flavor profile, clean and well structured.

Junmai Ginjo 純米吟醸 ,perfect by itself or goes well with fuller flavours. Brewed with labor-intensive steps, eschewing machinery for traditional tools and methods, using highly polished rice (at least 60%) and fermented at colder temperatures for longer periods of time. Light, fruity, refined.

Ginjo 吟醸 ,perfect by itself or with lihgtly seasoned foods. Light and complex. For ginjo sake, 40% of the kernel gets milled away. This combined with the addition of special yeast, lower fermentation temperatures, and fancy sake techniques make ginjo sake one of the most fragrant available.

Daiginjo 大吟醸 ,perfect by itself or with lihgtly seasoned foods. The rice gets milled even further, somewhere between 50-65% being milled away. There are a wide variety of daiginjo sakes, but most are like ginjos, just more full bodied and fragrant.


...and the most delectable gallery ever. I WANT TO EAT THE SCREEN! (But will settle for eating the real thing #winning)


More photos and menus here: http://thewoodstocklondon.co.uk/

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